October 20, 2011
All Aboard the Biketrain - Citywide

WHY A BIKETRAIN? To promote bike commuting, especially for newer, less experienced riders, benefiting from safety in numbers.

If you’ve heard of Portland’s Biketrains or Transportation Alternative’s Bike Pool, you get the idea: a group of cyclists who stick together on their commute home.

UPDATE [April 16, 2012]:

The biketrain is going citywide. If you’re interested in leading or participating in a commuter biketrain in NYC, complete the google form below (tell us if you’re interested in leading) and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

As of today, April 16, one biketrain runs every Monday and Wednesday morning from Inwood to Union Square via the Upper West Side and midtown:

Departs 215th & Park Terrace East at 745 AM

Stops 90th & Columbus at 830 AM

E-mail us to join at another point along the way and so we know to look out for you. It’s also great to know if you expect to join us at either of the above locales & times.

The approximate route:

View Westside Biketrain Route in a larger map

Please share widely with your NYC cycling pals, and especially with newer cyclists who might want a little extra company and the safety that commuting in numbers can provide. Everyone is welcome. Please be sure to read the Important Info section below. And stay tuned — we’ll launch the biketrain website soonish.

In the meantime, whether you are a new cyclist who’d like the safety of a group commute or an experienced cyclist who wants to support urban bike commuting, fill out this form and we’ll get in touch. You can also e-mail general questions not answered here or on the form to nycbiketrain AT gmail. And be sure to read on for important details.


  • You ride at your own risk.
  • Ride safe and leave on time, or let your fellow commuters know asap if you can’t make it. We’ll provide cell and e-mail info to groups.
  • An important goal of the biketrain to allow less experienced cyclists to gain experience and confidence — and provide safety in numbers — especially but not limited to riding at night and during the darker fall and winter months. That means it needs to be accessible to newer and possibly slower riders. If you’re speedy be prepared for a more leisurely pace. As participation grows, biketrains can always break into faster and slower packs.
  • Bells and front and rear lights are required by law. Helmets are encouraged.
  • Always worth repeating: You ride at your own risk.


Check back here for updates on the biketrain.


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